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Kinesio Taping

What is the kinesio taping method?
Although this treatment concept is not well known in Germany, it is already very commonly practiced in competitive sports. This method, which was first introduced in Japan by Dr. Kenzo Kase, is a unique taping technique that uses specially developed material.

For this taping method, a very elastic and self-adhesive woven band – the kinesio tape – is applied in a specific manner to support the treatment of many symptoms.

Kinesio taping is also a useful complementary drug-free treatment method in pain therapy.

Kinesio taping is used for:

    * joint problems

    * muscle tension

    * back pain

    * overexertion problems

    * postoperative swelling and lymph edema

    * sport injuries

How does kinesio taping work?

The various taping techniques have different effects such as:

     * improving muscle function (for muscle tension and imbalances, the strain on the muscles can be relieved or their function supported).

     * reducing pain (taping stimulates skin receptors which then activate the body’s pain alleviation system and as a result, leads to pain relief).

     * providing joint support (stimulation of receptors in the joints [proprioceptors] leads to improved ability to sense body and limb motion [kinesthesis] and joint stability is increased through the special taping method).

    * activating the lymph system (lymphatic drainage is improved through pressure reduction in the affected tissues; thus, the lymph volume decreases in, for example, lymph edema and postoperative swelling).


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