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Biofeedback Therapy

Biofeedback therapy is a method that is used in orthopedics to make changes in normal muscle tension, also known as muscle tone, perceptible to the individual.

Surface electromyography (EMG) analyzes the ability of the muscle to contract and relax statically and dynamically. Through this, muscle imbalances, shortenings, tenseness and functional deficits can be visualized and additionally, well documented throughout the therapy.

We use the SinfoMedEMG system in our practice. Usually a medical assistant performs the SinfoMedEMG diagnostics which takes places in three standardized steps:

1. Measurement of the resting muscle tension or resting tone: Hypertonic and imbalanced muscle areas are localized through comparisons to reference data.
2. Maximal isometric contraction: Muscle atrophy or activation deficits are quantified in right-left comparisons and automatically analyzed.
3. Functional test: Coordinative deficits are evaluated through the execution of standardized movements.

From the acquired data, an innovative and side effect-free therapeutic method, EMG biofeedback, is developed that benefits the patients through real-time visual and acoustic feedback of the muscle tone and reinforces positive changes.

Disturbed bodily perception as well as adverse work conditions are the cause of many symptoms and often manifest themselves as poor posture or postures that provide relief from pain or discomfort. With EMG-biofeedback, the patient can be made aware of these postures and then treated. For example, shoulder and neck tension are treated by decreasing the muscle tone. Frequently, the patients experience a revelation during the first session and a relatively stress and pain-free posture and ergonomic way of working can be developed. Moreover, activation deficits, such as for example, the typical postoperative vastus medialis atrophy, can be specifically treated.

Some areas of application for EMG-biofeedback therapy:

•    Shoulder and neck pain
•    Back pain
•    Tension headaches
•    Tennis and golfer’s elbow
•    Weakened muscles after an operation (e.g. cruciate ligament)


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