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Manual medicine 

Chiropractic for the spine and extremities  

What is meant by chiropractic therapy?

Chiropractic and osteopathic therapies are types of manual therapy, which comprises different therapeutic alternatives for treating diseases and functional disorders by using only the hands (Latin, manus = hand). 

The basic idea behind chiropractic (Greek, cheir = hand) therapy is that many physical complaints can be ascribed to misaligned or blocked joints. Accordingly, from the view of chiropractor, many diseases can be cured by treating the impaired joint function. Chiropractors believe, for the main part, that blocked vertebrae cause the disorders. They are not only the cause of back pain or headaches; they can also cause other symptoms such as dizziness or ear noises.

The following symptoms could indicate a blocked vertebra:

How does the therapy work?

Through controlled manipulations or a small rotation, the chiropractor can relax the block. Through this, presumably, the painful nerve irritation is temporarily interrupted, the muscle tension decreases and the joint is freed up. During the treatment, the therapist exercises a minimum of force on the joint; nevertheless, sometimes there is a clearly audible crack or click sound from the joint during the manipulation. Pain that radiates from the knee, elbow or hip joint is treated in a similar manner by the chiropractor. 


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