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Shoulder Joint Arthroscopy

Subacromial decompression in case of impingement syndrome

Engpass mit Einklemmung der Sehne

Illustration 1 • Impingement of tendon

Arthroskopisches durchtrennen eines Bandes

Illustration 2 • rthroscopic cutting of a ligament


Abfräsen am Schulterdach-Knochen zur Vergrößerung des Gleitraumes

Illustration 3 • Milling of acromion to increase subacromial space

Anatomy causes that during a lateral lifting of the arm tendons frequently ’get caught’ between acromion and humeral head (impingement syndrome). This leads to pain in the shoulder when reaching overhead. A procedure that increases the subacromial space for the tendon to glide freely remedies this problem.