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Shoulder Joint Arthroscopy

Removal of acromio clavicular joint in case of osteoarthritis

Die Arthrose im Schultereckgelenk und der zu entfernenden Knochenanteile

Illustration 1 • Osteoarthritis of the acromio clavicular joint and the bone sections to be removed

Entfernen von Knochen mit kleiner Fräse

Illustration 2 • Removal of bone with small trephine

intra-operatives Bild nach Entfernung der Knochenanteile

Illustration 3 • Intra-surgical picture after bone section removal

Osteoarthritis in the acromio clavicular joint can be very painful and lead to limited mobility as well as a limited stress capacity of the shoulder joint. The arthroscopic removal of the acromio-clavicular joint, without damaging the ligaments that hold the joint together, is a good treatment possibility.