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Open Shoulder Joint Surgeries

Reattachment of Labrum and Tightening of Capsule after Multiple Luxations

Illustration 1 • Axillary incision

Illustration 2 • Labrum tear

Wiederanheften des abgerissenen Labrums
Illustration 3 • Reattachment of torn

Raffende Kapselnaht
Illustration 2 • Tightening capsule suture

If the shoulder joint sustained multiple dislocations (luxations), the so-called labrum (rim of connective tissue) is damaged and the joint capsule is loose. Both lead to instability of the shoulder joint, and both structures need to be restored. This repair can only be done through open surgery. The procedure is the same as for arthroscopic reattachment, except for the additional tightening of the capsule performed here.