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Open Hip Joint Surgery

Cartilage Bone Transplantation

Illustration  1 • Measuring the defect
Illustration  2 • Peripheral cartilage harvesting

Illustration  3 • Removing damaged cartilage

Illustration  4 • Implanting of cartilage bone punch into damaged area

Illustration 5 • Multiple transplantations (mosaicplasty)

This procedure harvests cylindrical cartilage bone transplants from a peripheral non damaged area of the joint, which are then pressed fit into the prepared, damaged area.

If several punches are used, the cartilage damage is filled in mosaic-like fashion. Within one year, the damaged area is filled with fibrous cartilage and levels with the surrounding cartilage.

The longest post-op study lasted for six years. A tissue sample taken after this period of time showed 80% of excellent, resilient cartilage in the transplanted area. Deep and extensive cartilage damage should not be treated with this method, mainly because of the limited availability of autologous material for transplantation.

Damaged cartilage

3 Years after transplantation