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Open Knee Joint Surgeries

Autologous Cartilage Cell Transplants


Illustration 1 • Measuring the defect
Illustration 2 • Adjusting the templat
Illustration 3 • Removed periosteal flap
Illustration 4 • Sutured periosteum , injected with cartilage cells

This method arthroscopically removes autologous cartilage cells from the joint, which are sent to and cultured in a special laboratory. They multiply to up to several million cells.

The cells are then surgically transplanted into the cartilage defect under a periosteal flap, which is sutured to the edges of the healthy cartilage to prevent cell mass from issueing. The cultured cells yield strong new cartilage, which brings about full recovery of the injured cartilage.
This method can be employed in the treatment of major cartilage damage in knee, shoulder, ankle and foot joints.
To this day, over 1500 patients have been treated with this method worldwide. The latest studies with a post-operative observation time of 5-10 years revealed very good results in 90% of the patients!


Cartilage damage
After transplantation