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Treatment of Cartilage Damage with Magnetic Resonance Therapy

How MRT Works

In Magnetic Resonance Therapy, highly specific, pulsating electro-magnetic fields stimulate the regeneration and rebuilt of damaged cartilage cells.

Magnetic Resonance Therapy

The metabolism of the human body is controlled within every tissue by electric and magnetic fields. In a healthy organism, autologous signals manage regeneration. If tissue like e.g. cartilage is damaged, however, the signals are often distorted. Regeneration is not always possible. The consequences are known: joint pain and limited mobility.

MRT intends to redirect those distorted autologous signals so that the metabolism and the regeneration of cartilage cells and thus the cartilage can be reactivated.

Areas of Treatment

MRT is used to treat the following:

Additonal information in german: www.mbst.de


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